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Links are provided by members to promote their sites. SportFlight.net does not have any control over the availability or content of these sites. however if you find a bad link or inappropriate contend please click the Link failed button next to the link and we will take a look at it and remove the link if nessary. As more links are added a search function will be added to this page

General Aviation related sites:
American Air Campers On-line airport camp guide Added  06/12/11
exp-aircraft.com - guide to exp aircraft, homebuilt kits and plans Added  12/11/11
Experimental Aircraft Association Added  08/15/11
Experimental Aircraft Info Added  12/11/11
FAA Federal Aviation Administration Added  08/15/11
Flight Monkeys general aviation news & stories Added  01/29/12
Homebuilt Homepage a reference on Homebuilt aircraft Added  12/11/11
homebuiltdirectory.com Added  11/14/11
Light Sport Aircraft HQ - Everything LSA! Added  02/05/12
LSA News - New, Articles, Comparisons and more Added  02/05/12
pilotfriend.com - aviation portal / aviation resources & weather Added  12/26/11
ram air skyways.com light sport pictures Added  02/05/12
Recreational Aviation Foundation Added  08/10/11
The Kansas City Dawn Patrol Added  06/08/11
Touring Motor Gliders Assoc Added  02/12/12
Aircraft Specific sites:
American Sonex Association Added  08/15/11
Building an RV-10 EXPERIMENTAL aircraft. Added  05/30/11
Building an RV-7 in Oz Added  09/25/11
Charles'&Rick's UltraCruisers Added  08/31/11
Kathleen's RV-7a builder's site Added  05/30/11
Kitfox Aircraft LLC Added  08/15/11
LONG EZ AIRCRAFT Added  06/08/11
Mac's Machine & Design Zenith 601HDS Added  09/25/11
Paul's RV-9A Added  05/30/11
Renegade Light Sport Aircraft Added  01/08/12
Sonex N385SX and N7770R Added  03/19/12
SonexAircraft.Com Added  08/15/11
Stinson Flyer Added  08/15/11
TeamKitfox Added  08/15/11
The RV Journal Added  05/30/11
The Stinson 108 Voyager and Flying Station Wagon Page Added  08/15/11
The Waiex Journey Added  08/15/11
Zenith Aircraft Company Added  08/15/11

While We at SportFlight.net are members of the EAA and are active in local chapters, SportFlight.net is not affiliated with the EAA. SportFlight.net does however believe that both the EAA and the Young Eagles Program are vital to general aviations long term success and urges everyone to support them. Below you can search for links to Local EAA Chapter websites. We hope you can find a local chapter in your area where you to, can get involved in aviation.

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